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Inspection & Factory Audit
The sample of products may have passed all the relevant tests and function perfectly, but there is no guarantee for the final products to be finished with the same standard. Pitfalls and uncertainties in quality of actual products may entail expensive recalls and even legal lawsuits. To avoid employing unethical factories that produce goods with appalling standards, inspection by a third-party conformity assessment organization is the effective solution to prevent you against taking the risks.

Our Comprehensive Services
With years of professional solid experience, CMA Testing commits to offer you one-stop solution to safeguard you and your customers' interest by provision of trustworthy inspection and factory audit services.

States Our services
Product development

Testing Support to Your Products
Diverse product testing services are available in the areas of toys, electronic & electrical items, textile & garment, food, chemicals, cosmetics and other commodities
Test reports are recognized by international markets
Sample evaluation against most updated testing standards and regulations
Technical advisory services by professional engineers from various technical fields
Vendor evaluation & selection Factory Audit for Your Suppliers
Evaluation on code of conduct, management system, production facilities, production control and scheduling, quality control and more ...
Help outline the strength and weakness of your supplier
Production monitoring and quality control Initial Production Check (IPC)
Inspect materials, parts and components to be used prior to production so as to prevent wrong production start-up
During Production Check (DUPRO)
Inspection after production commenced to determine the actual workmanship level against the required standards
Multiple inspections can be arranged upon completion of shipment to detect the defects caused by process and material variations
Final Random Inspection (FRI)
Verify product safety, quantity, workmanship, function, color, size, packing, and more prior to shipment
Safeguard the shipment according to international sampling procedures or any client-specific methods to ensure the product is consistent and compliant with requirements
Security management Loading Supervision
Supervise loading of finished products according to your requirements and seal the shipment to ensure the verified products being delivered