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Carbon Audit
What is Carbon Audit?
Do you know that electricity generation is the major source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Hong Kong, accounting for over 60% of the total local emissions? Among various uses of electricity, buildings account for some 89% in Hong Kong. As a result, improving energy efficiency in buildings may help minimizing the overall GHG emission in the society significantly.

In order to assist the users and managers of buildings to improve their awareness of GHG emissions, measure their GHG emission performance and actively participate in actions to combat climate change; the Government has prepared “Guidelines to Account for and Report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals for Buildings (Commercial, Residential or Institutional Purposes) in Hong Kong” to provide a systematic and scientific approach to account for and report on the GHG emissions and removals from buildings in Hong Kong

What kinds of buildings are applicable for Carbon Audit?
  • Commercial buildings, which include offices, retails, restaurants or hotels
  • Residential buildings
  • Buildings used for institutional purposes, which include schools / universities, community centres, sports complexes

What are the benefits of conducting Carbon Audit and implementing energy saving scheme?
Green Working Environment –
Higher Efficiency ‧More Saving ‧ More Earning

  • To review the use of energy, e.g. elevator, air conditioner and lighting, etc
  • To improve energy efficiency and conservation
  • To create a green working environment, to increase the overall health condition of the office and to heighten productivity amongst employees
  • To allow building owners to go green and save money in the long term
* Please download our leaflet for more details
Green Campus – Living Up to Environmental Education
  • To assist the schools to launch the environmental education programs and educate the students in the scopes of environmental protection
  • To review the use of energy and to lower operating costs in the long term
  • To equip with the energy-saving facilities in the campus in order to cope with the development of Green Campus
  • To create healthier classrooms and more energy efficient schools that in turn improve student performance and save money while helping to protect the environment and reducing carbon emissions
  • To be the pioneer in formulating the environmental education programs and to play a leading role in bringing up the future generations with the importance of environmental protection
  • The schools can apply funding for minor works projects under the Environment and Conservation Fund to carry out Energy-cum-carbon Audit and Energy Efficiency Projects in which the subsidized amount could reach several hundred thousands Hong Kong Dollars for each project

How can the Government help you?
Energy-cum-carbon Audit Projects (ECA)
The scheme covers Energy-cum-carbon Audits to be carried out in communal areas of residential, commercial, industrial buildings or composite buildings comprising any two of these three types of establishments. Starting from 8 April 2009, owners' corporations, owners' organizations or residents' organization of relevant buildings are eligible to apply for ECA.

Amount of grant
  • Applications involving a single building – shall not exceed 50% of the payments made, subject to a cap of $150,000
  • Applications involving more than 1 building – shall not exceed 50% of the payments made
Please click here to enter ECA official website.

How can we help you?
As a Carbon Audit • Green Partner, we agree to the Carbon Reduction Charter and commit to carry out activities in support of GHG emission reduction. Our carbon auditors and a team of professional technical experts are ready to provide you our professional “Carbon Audit” services and other technical supports:
  • To set-up operational and physical boundaries
  • To quantify the GHG emission
  • To provide Carbon Audit reports
  • To tailor-made “Carbon Offset” Scheme
  • To provide assistance in applying government funding

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