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Food, Food grade and Pharmaceutical products
With our modern state-of-the-art facilities and our expert teams, we provide diverse chemical testing services in wide range of specialized fields from food, food contact articles, proprietary Chinese medicine, cosmetics to chemical and microbial analysis. Our reliable and high quality chemical testing services ensure these commodities to be safe for consumers.

Food Testing
As a reliable food solution partner, we offer one-stop food testing package including chemical testing and rapid and highly sensitive DNA-based testing.
Services Scopes Products Highlighted Testing Services
Food and
Microbiological Testing
Prepackaged food
Canned food
Milk and dairy products
Frozen food
Seafood products
Drinking water and mineral water   
Meat products 
Food nutrition label
Food preservatives and additives test
Melamine test
Microbiological test
Pesticide residues test
Malachite Green
Heavy metal test
Toxin and toxic elements
Anti-oxidants test
Oil Rancidity test – Free fatty acid, acid value
Artificial colorant

(Food Molecular Testing)
Flour and other milled products, raw
ingredients, and processed foods,

Genetically modified organism (GMO) detection
Pig, beef, sheep, chicken, goose,
duck,fish, soy and maize,

Species identification – to identify
animal / plant species in food products
Food, water, ice Food safety testing – DNA/RNA detection,
bacterial culture, DNA detection (PCR)

Peanuts, walnuts, celery, mustard,
almond, fish, soy, shellfish and sesame,

Food allergen testing
*DNA-based food testing with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology enables the tests on all types of food matrices from raw materials to highly processed foods.
Proprietary Chinese Medicine Testing
Services Scopes Highlighted Testing Services
Chinese Medicine Testing
Heavy Metals and Toxic Elements
Microbial Limits
Pesticides Residues
Acute toxicity test (LD50 / maximum tolerable dose)
Skin Irritation test
Skin sensitivity test
Method Validation
Assay of Chinese medicine marker
Stability Testing
Pharmaceutical Adulteration Screening
Other Product and Material Testing
Scopes Products Highlighted Testing Services
Food contact commodities
Storage containers for foodstuffs, crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, baking dishes, kitchen utensils and equipment components
Materials and components in contact with
drinking water
Packaging materials for food
Specific migration of Bisphenol A test
Phthalates test
PAHs Test 
Other Articles
and Materials

Textile material

Dimethyl fumarate(DMF) test
Heavy metal test
Nickel release test
Cadmium test
Azo dye and disperse dye test
Total lead test
PFOS test

Tailor-made Testing Services
In order to cater for the distinct needs of our customers, we also provide tailor-made testing services based on customers' specified requirements ranged from bench scale tests to large-scale experimental tests. Our technical experts always strive to assist you to ensure your products safe to be marketed.